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MicePace Sonic Maze is an interactive game where the participant dons an attractive mouse headpiece to find his way around an invisible maze, aided by music, and the caterwauling of cats. Aside from the fact that I was sure I looked ridiculous wearing giant mouse ears, the set up is simple, the concept not self-important, and the end result a show that is fun, light hearted and would certainly provide the kids with an entertaining half an hour. Perhaps due to the technology involved, the maze is really quite small and doesn't take long to finish. I imagine it would do incredibly well if it was on a larger more impressive scale. It remains, despite this, a quirky and fun way to spend some free time.
Rating 4/5 -Three Weeks.

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  2. 2009 Black Rock Arts Foundation Grant Recipient

  3. 2008 Maker Faire Austin Texas: 3 Editor’s Choice Awards